Mazda Continues its EV Defiance

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And this is why we love it so dearly.

You've likely noticed that Mazda doesn't have a single EV or hybrid in its North American lineup. Nor does it plan on having one anytime soon, if ever. There's good reason for that. Thanks to its recently launched SkyActiv gasoline engines (Europe gets diesel versions as well), the automaker is able to effectively stick with internal combustion engine technology while still meeting strict fuel economy and C02 emissions standards. Impressive. And a new report reveals that Mazda is fully aware of its awesomeness.


Autocar says the next generation SkyActiv gas engines are going to be potential game changers. SkyActiv-G Gen 2 will have around a 30-percent improvement in fuel economy over the current model thanks to a new homogenous charge compression ignition (HCCI) and a higher compression ratio of 18:1. The current engine has a ratio of 14:1 and is already one of the most fuel efficient gas engines in the world. Basically, this new engine will meet and likely surpass the efficiency of a diesel. And if that's not enough, Mazda is also working on SkyActiv-G Gen 3, which will adopt what's called adiabatic combustion.

This basically means that no heat will be lost in combustion, thus making cars "more efficient over a wider band of revs and loads." Mazda will still be working out the kinks over the next several years, but the belief is that once ready, this technology will equal the well-to-wheel C02 emissions of a pure EV.

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