Mazda CX-60 Interior Will Offer A Brand New Experience

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Mazda has teased the plush new interior of the new model's imminent debut.

Ahead of its March 8 unveiling, Mazda has released a teaser showing brief images of the upcoming Mazda CX-60 SUV. The 13-second video clip hints at the classy cabin, with elegant-looking wood trim and light-colored textile surfaces. Mazda notes the CX-60 interior will be a new experience for both drivers and passengers, an indicator that the cabin features design touches and features never before seen in the brand's vehicles.

The company says the inspiration for the plush innards comes from the ideas of Kaicho and Musubu. The former uses different materials and textures to create a feeling of harmony while the latter is a uniquely Japanese way of binding textiles, ultimately serving as the brainwave behind the instrument panel stitching. It's set to be quite a lovely place to while away the time, with maple wood, Nappa leather, chrome detailing, and Japanese textiles all coming together to create an inviting environment.

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We first caught a glimpse of the sophisticated CX-60 back in November 2021, when unofficial images of the luxury SUV surfaced on Instagram. While it retains the familiar Mazda styling courtesy of the brand's Kodo styling philosophy, the CX-60 looks suitably upmarket courtesy of slim headlights, a chrome-trimmed radiator grille, and an uncluttered design.

It's unlikely that the rear-wheel-drive luxury Mazda will make its way over to the states, as we already have the CX-50, a more rugged, off-road biased version of the CX-5. Also in the cards for American consumers are the CX-70 and CX-90, both of which are expected to arrive this year.

Mazda's SUV onslaught is part of a plan to cement its presence in the ever-growing SUV segment, while still remaining focused on efficiency and sustainability.

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Mazda says the CX-60 will be powered by a 2.5-liter four-cylinder engine, paired with an electric motor, to produce more than 300 horsepower. Aside from the four-pot, Mazda has made quite a fuss about creating premium models with six-pot engines. It's very likely that the CX-60 will receive the new straight-six Skyactiv-X powertrains with a mild-hybrid 48-volt system.

Based on our positive first impression of the CX-50 and the talented Mazda range, the Hiroshima-based brand is set to succeed with the upcoming CX-60. While we still don't know much about the premium two-row SUV as yet, we're just a few days away from the imminent reveal. It may not have the badge appeal of an Audi Q5 or BMW X3, but Mazda is aiming high and, based on the teasers and what we've seen, this mainstream SUV may have what it takes to give more prestigious offerings a black eye.

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