Mazda Debuting Hardtop Miata But Won’t Skimp On The SUVs Either

Is Mazda starting to go as SUV crazy as BMW?

Soon, the New York Auto Show will be taking place followed by the Beijing Auto Show, continuing the cycle of spreading the car love till’ it’s heard round’ the world. In New York, Mazda is going to bring a hardtop MX-5 Miata, which is the only way to improve on the perfection of the Miata and blow everyone else’s tops off. However Beijing will get a Mazda head turner too in the form of the CX-4 CUV. The crossover’s name means that it'll slot between the stylish and not-so-functional CX-3 and the strong-selling CX-5.

All that Mazda has given us about the new CX-4 is a teaser image of the rear end, which alludes to styling taken from the stunning Koeru concept that Mazda unveiled at the 2015 Frankfurt Motor Show. Aside from promising an unveiling in Beijing, Mazda said that its new crossover SUV is supposed to help customers live more creative lives. Whether or not future Picassos or Bob Dylans will buy this car is up in the air, but by giving the CX-4 what seems to be a longer and taller Mazda3’s chassis and slotting the car between the entry-level CUV and midrange family hauler, expect the CX-4 to be aimed at active younger customers who aren’t yet in the BMW tax bracket.

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