Mazda Is Having A Great 2021

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And its first EV isn't even here yet.

After a pandemic-ravaged 2020, sales of new vehicles are once again on the rise. Mazda is one of the automakers enjoying the market's resurgence and has just released its June sales numbers in North America. In total, Mazda sold 32,605 vehicles, an increase of 28.7 percent compared to June 2020. The more impressive number is year-to-date sales of 189,167 units, a healthy 46.8% increase compared with the same period last year. The CX-5 was comfortably Mazda's best-selling vehicle in June this year, moving 16,393 units, its second-best sales month since its launch.

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The CX-5 wasn't the only Mazda to have enjoyed its second-best sales month ever. The same applied to the CX-9 (3,282 units) and the CX-30 (5,824). The 2021 CX-30 range was bolstered by the addition of a turbocharged model with up to 250 horsepower, making it one of the quickest vehicles in its segment. The Mazda MX-5 Miata found 1,227 homes in June, behind the Mazda 3 (3,323) and Mazda 6 (1,889). By far the slowest-selling Mazda in June was the CX-3, which sold just 667 units. Sadly, Mazda recently announced that both the 6 sedan and CX-3 crossover would be discontinued for the 2022 model year. And these numbers show why.

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Mazda doesn't really have any duds in its lineup and the 6 and CX-3 are both strong contenders in their segments, but Mazda said it would be discontinuing these models due to evolving consumer needs. The 6's departure follows other traditional sedans like the Ford Fusion and as for the CX-3, it's not much cheaper than the more spacious CX-30.

Mazda's next big leap in the USA will be the introduction of its first electric vehicle in this market, the MX-30. Initially, it will only be sold in California before expanding to other states. Over 100,000 EVs were sold in California last year so we can expect Mazda's overall numbers to increase rapidly once its first EV arrives.

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