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Mazda Is Tired Of Building Only One Sports Car?


Something interesting might be going on.

Mazda has built and sold only one sports car since 2012, the final model year for the rotary-powered RX-8. That sports car is, of course, the legendary MX-5 Miata. Now in its fourth generation, the MX-5 continues to be a strong seller for the Japanese automaker despite being a niche model. At the same time, Mazda has steadily expanded its crossover lineup, most recently with the CX-30. The all-new Mazda3 sedan and hatchback are far more premium than their immediate predecessors, yet another sign Mazda is moving its entire lineup further upmarket.

Now, we’ve been hearing plenty of rumors regarding a rotary revival though company officials deny it’s happening. Instead, the rotary-hybrid powertrain is reportedly in the works. But for which model(s)? Could this power setup be applied to a currently non-existent vehicle? AutoGuide has learned Mazda has applied for a new trademark, MX-30.

It was originally filed in the European Union Intellectual Property Office and the filing is specifically for automobiles. Now, this could mean actually very little. Automakers have a long history of trademarking nameplates as a "just in case” type of scenario. A final decision regarding production may not have been made, but it’s good to have the legal rights to the nameplate.

Mazda has also gone on something of a trademark purchasing binge, buying the rights to the nameplates CX-10 through CX-90. Could it also be possible Mazda intends to rename the current CX-3, CX-5, and CX-9 when their respective replacements arrive? Possibly. Nothing can be ruled out at this time.

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As for MX-30, that’s simply far more intriguing. If the only existing Mazda model with ‘MX’ in its name is a niche roadster with an optional folding hardtop, then MX-30 could turn out to be something similar, assuming production ever happens. One interesting guess would be a luxury sporty model, say a four-door coupe or GT, with a revolutionary rotary-hybrid setup.

The ‘RX’ nameplate wouldn’t be completely suitable because of the hybrid part, but who knows. We’ll just have to wait and see whether anything transpires.