Mazda Just Poured Gasoline On Rotary Revival Rumors

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Electrification, special editions, and a new rotary logo!

For a long time now, Mazda has been telling us that it wants to bring rotary power back. Most recently, we learned that this may be possible through utilizing hydrogen, but so far, the only rotary we may get is a range-extender fitted to the Mazda MX-30. Now, as reported by Hatena Blog, the Japanese automaker has applied for eight new trademarks, and some of these definitely support the rumors of a rotary revival. Some appear to be either new trim levels of existing models or special editions thereof. But four of them are linked to the xEV rotary-electric system: "e-SKYACTIV R-Energy", "e-SKYACTIV R-HEV", "e-SKYACTIV R-EV", and finally, a trademark for a new logo that looks somewhat like an actual rotor with the letter "e" integrated.

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We previously reported on the registration of a new R logo from Mazda hinting at a range of models. These could now be the three E-SKYACTIV R variants mentioned above. As the suffixes denote, the EV and HEV registrations are for hybrid and pure electric models, but the 'R-Energy' remains a mystery. Perhaps this could be the rumored hydrogen-powered rotary we mentioned before. It seems these, and anything else that uses a rotary, even as a range-extender, could receive the new 'e' or 'R' logo, or both. The R model could also be reserved for a potential revival of the Spirit R, which was a special model of the FD-generation RX-7. This generation RX-7 was branded in some markets as an 'Efini' instead of a Mazda, a badge that bears similarity to the new rotor-shaped badge.

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As for the other registered trademarks, these included "FIELD JOURNEY" and "SPORTS APPEARANCE" names that could apply to a special edition of the Mazda CX-5 SUV. or something similar.

There's also a trademark for a "VS TERRACOTTA SELECTION". VS is the code for the MX-5 Miata RF, so this trademark hints at a Miata RF with a terracotta theme, perhaps in the color of the interior trims or upholstery. The next trademark is for "PRO-XROSS STYLE", which sounds like something off-road related and could apply to either the CX-30 or the CX-8. With all the above trademarks, it looks like Mazda may be looking to unleash a slew of special editions before new models get updated, or it could be saving these names for special launch editions of future models - only time will tell.

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Source Credits: Hatena Blog

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