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Mazda Miata 30th Anniversary Edition Sells Out In Four Hours

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Turns out people really love orange.

To celebrate the Miata's 30th birthday, Mazda released a special edition version called the 30th Anniversary Edition. The car was revealed at the 2019 Chicago Auto Show wearing a bright shade of racing orange and a slew of other unique touches. These unique features include 17-inch Rays wheels, numbered badging, orange Brembo and Nissin brake calipers, orange trim on the interior, a Bose audio system, and Bilstein shocks for manual models. Buyers could choose between a soft top and hard top RF body style and automatic or manual transmission, though only 3,000 were set to be built for the global market.

Of those 3,000, only 500 were slated to come to the US and Mazda opened preorders with a $500 refundable deposit. As it turns out, Mazda had no trouble finding 500 people with the car selling out just four hours after order books opened. Mazda clearly hit the nail on the head with this special edition, with the 500 US cars to be built in non-sequential order, meaning there's no telling what serial numbers will end up in the US.

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With just 500 units of the 30th Anniversary Editions roaming the US, this will be an extremely rare car. Mazda says 60% of customers opted for the soft top and 40% chose the RF but did not comment on the breakdown of the six-speed manual versus the six-speed automatic. We've driven the latest Miata with a manual and an automatic and we can firmly say we enjoy the manual car more. The 30th Anniversary should hold its value better than a standard Miata, so good luck to the 500 people who got their pre-orders in early.