Mazda Miata Gets Extreme Makeover With 6.7-Liter V8

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And this Monster Miata is up for sale.

Over its nearly three decade run, the Mazda MX-5, also called the Miata in the United States, has proven itself to be one of the best driving sports cars in the world, known for putting a smile on the face of whoever is driving the little roadster. However, the Miata, especially the current generation, has also garnered a reputation for being a bit underpowered-when it debuted the current Miata's 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine squeezed out only 155 horsepower. While an update for the 2019 model year has bumped that number up to 181 ponies, the MX-5 is still on the low end of the horsepower spectrum, and while the handling is renowned the engine may still be too anemic for some drivers. But fear not, because the Monster Miata has got you covered.

This 1992 Mazda Miata doesn't pack a feeble four-cylinder-instead the bulging hood houses a Ford Cleveland V8 motor with a stroker kit. The stroker kit increases the travel for the pistons within the cylinders, leading to more space for the air and fuel mixture to combust. This means the Cleveland's displacement was increased from 5.8 liters to 6.7 liters. There are a series of other upgrades as well, including a fuel cell, a custom exhaust with Porsche Carrera 4S exhaust tips, and the solid rear axle out of a Ford Mustang, a requirement for drag racing launches.

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There is no word on just how much power the engine churns out, but the seller brags that the Miata can sprint through the quarter mile in the low 11-second range on street tires, so power must be plentiful. This allows the tiny Mazda to compete on par with modern muscle machines like the Dodge Challenger Hellcat. The price listed is $20,000-a lot for a early Miata but a more reasonable price considering the amount of aftermarket work and the pristine condition. The Monster Miata currently lives in Asheville, North Carolina, and you'll have spend a pretty penny if you want to give it a new home, but with such a unique set-up, it just might be worth it.

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