Mazda Miata Owner Is Replacing Genuine Car Parts With Nintendo Wii Controls

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It also looks SUPER sketchy.

The Mazda Miata is a constant reminder that not all great cars need seven-figure price tags and ludicrous 0-60 mph times. it's just a simple machine designed for fun. Something you could also say of the Nintento Wii.

So why not find a way to combine the two? That's apparently what TikToker Tyle Atkin thought when creating the Mazda "Wiiata." He put a Nintendo Wii remote wheel on his Mazda Miata, and it's the best thing we've seen all week (and Ford just debuted a 700-hp truck).


"I just like to mess about with stuff; keeps me busy and I thought I'd record it." Atkin said to IGN. "I put a Wii wheel on about three weeks ago just for something to do and put it on TikTok, told my missus the video would get one million views as a joke, and there's now two or three videos over three million."

The original wheel video, which has since been followed up by the video below, is currently sitting at around 3.1 million views on TikTok. Since then, commenters have asked that the Wiiata become more Wii than Miata. In some ways, it is. Tyler has installed a Wii console into the car's center stack, in addition to a Wii Nunchuck shift knob and Wii remote handbrake.

"Implementing a balance board in one way or another and a Wii-mote handbrake have got to be near to it too. I even get requests for other consoles such as PlayStation. Realistically the possibilities of simply messing about are endless," he stated.

Apparently, Atkin gets all sorts of wild requests from commenters now that the videos have both taken off. Some ask for further Wii-centric mods, and others have asked for different consoles entirely. When asked if he'd continue to enshrine consoles, Atkin said "that's a hard one, but I guess as the U is the Wii's older brother, it would make sense to use the Mk2 MX5 as my Mk1's older brother."

Source Credits: IGN

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