Mazda Patents Active Wing That Stows Onto The Rear Tail Lights


The best part? This patent is a hint that an RX reveal is around the corner.

It’s time to celebrate the under-appreciated design talent at Mazda once again because the small Japanese automaker has just filed a patent to the US Patent and Trademark Office that leads us to conclude it cares a lot about the enthusiasts. The concept itself isn’t anything new, amounting to an active rear wing that increases downforce but can be hidden away for sleeker aesthetics and speed-enabling aerodynamics, but it’s the way that Mazda has made the mechanism work that stands out.

What’s different about Mazda’s wing is the way it’s stowed when not deployed. In a downward position, the wing hides in the space just on top of the tail lights. Though the wing runs the length of the car and slopes downwards at the edges, partially blocking the tail lights, it’s thin enough that it presumably does not impede on the legality of the car. Like a standard piece of active aerodynamic equipment, the wing extends outwards and moves up ever so slightly via a motorized arm, effectively adding length to the car to add stabilization and increase downforce. The invention itself is split into two patents, one that covers the active wing and another that protects Mazda’s method of stowing the wing.

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As awesome as it looks, its cool factor is only part of why we’re so excited about the wing. What gets the imagination churning is to try and think about what car Mazda will use it on. It’s not likely to be an extra toy for the MX-5 Miata. Not only would it add too much weight to the lightweight car, but the Miata has never been a machine for top speed runs, which makes a stabilizing rear wing almost useless. More plausible is that Mazda will use it on the street-legal incarnation of the RX that’s rumored to debut at the upcoming Tokyo Motor Show. Motor 1 points out one juicy hint that Mazda is saving this next generation wing for the RX. That would be the fact that the patent images look suspiciously close to the RX Vision Concept.