Mazda Planning 6-Based Two-Door Coupe

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Luxury coupe will arrive by 2016.

Though this used to be standard operating procedure for most Japanese manufacturers, it's been a long time since Mazda offered a large sedan-based two-door coupe model. But now, it seems that the company wants to go back to the good ol' days, when family sedans were easily chopped into sporty coupes, losing two doors and gaining some sportiness and sex appeal. According to Auto Express, the 6 Coupe will launch in 2016 with the ambitious objective of taking on rivals like the BMW 4 Series.


Joining the sedan and wagon (which is not offered in the US), the 6 Coupe will feature a similar design language, but will be differentiated by a low hood-line, distinctive styling and a "racier" look. The 6 Coupe will sit lower to the ground, and receive a sleek roofline. Some speculations suggest that it could draw its design inspiration from Mazda's 2010 Shinari concept.

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