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Mazda Proves Gaming Isn't A Waste Of Time By Giving Two Forza Players New MX-5s

Gamers may not get girls but they get new rides.

Apparently the quickest way to score a new car is to get really, really good at driving video games. Mazda just gave away two 2016 MX-5s at E3, the gaming industry's annual expo. David Goss and Colton Miller won the new roadsters after finishing atop the virtual standings in time trials held in “Forza Horizon 2.” The duo beat out a crowded field of competitors and were flown to Los Angeles to compete head to head. Goss ended up winning, but both still got new cars.

Yes, some gamers can be pretty big geeks. However, if you’re a gearhead in the market for a new car you may want to dust off your controller and brush up your skills. A new ride could be one virtual hot lap away.

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