Mazda Ready To Unleash A Wave Of New Colors

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Mazda Meridian Editions could spawn some sensational new colors.

Mazda is no stranger to special edition models that boast cool and unique paint colors. The Japanese brand recently rolled out a series of Carbon Edition models wearing a Polymetal Gray color, a 100th Anniversary Special Edition Miata with a special red leather interior, and a 30th Anniversary Miata with bright orange paint. According to a filing with the USPTO, Mazda's next special edition models could be called the "Meridian Collection."

The trademark covers the goods and services category for "Automobiles; Optional equipment packages sold as an integral part of motor vehicles." That sounds like a special edition package to us.


If our assumption is correct, we believe the Mazda Meridian Collection cars will use the meridian color palette, mostly blue, green, and teal hues. We've taken the liberty of imagining a few models in these colors, such as the Mazda MX-5 Miata, the Mazda3 Hatchback, and the Mazda CX-5. If Mazda decides to offer the Meridian Collection on a few models, it could either make each paint color model exclusive or choose one color for all of them.


While we relish the idea of a pink or purple Miata, the blue, green, and teal options in the meridian palette have the best chance of making production. Mazda hasn't offered a green on the Miata since the NB generation, so it's been quite a while since someone could buy one new. The NB even offered a teal color called Splash Green Mica, which could be a great color to bring back as a retro-revival.

We could also be wrong about what the Meridian Collection will be, in which case it's anyone's guess what this package could add. Meridian is also the name of an audio company that produces speakers for Jaguar and Land Rover, but we doubt it would do a partnership with Mazda.

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