Mazda Recycles Scrapped Bumpers into Raw Material for New Bumpers

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Mazda is claiming to be the world's first automaker to recycle vehicles' bumpers.

Mazda has officially become the world's first automaker to successfully recycle scrapped bumpers from end-of-life vehicles into raw materials for new bumpers. The Japanese automaker began this eco-friendly technology on August 21st and says it will initially be put to use for rear bumpers on its Biante minivan, which is sold in Japan. The Biante minivan currently offers two available engines, which are the MZR 2.0-liter DISI (direct-injection spark ignition) and the MZR 2.3-liter unit.

The FWD models are mated to an electronically-controlled five-speed automatic transmission, with the 2.3-liter unit featuring a four-speed automatic. At the same time, Mazda has been developing bumper recycling technologies as an effective way to increase vehicle MRR (material recycling ratio). They then strived to further develop the damaged bumper recycling technology and adapt it for recycling ELV bumpers. The majority of the vehicles being recycled are at least 10 years old, which means the composition of the bumpers' polypropylene plastics and adhesives drastically differ, and as a result, the unusable materials must be removed.

Starting in the 90's, the Japanese automaker began designing bumpers that would be easily recyclable. The end result proves not only to be more eco-friendly, but also a lot more economically viable for the consumers.

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