Mazda Reveals Custom Concepts

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As Japan's premiere automotive tuning show nears, Mazda has just revealed a series of modified vehicles and a new diesel racer it will showcase in Tokyo this year.

For those unaware, Japan has its own unique automotive tuning show called the Tokyo Auto Salon. Think of it as the Japanese version of SEMA. It's held every January and is often forgotten simply because the Detroit Auto Show happens at just around the same time. But the event is a showcase for Japanese brands like Mazda, and this year the automaker has two new models that it would very much like for aftermarket tuners to take note of, starting with three slightly tuned Mazda6 sedan and wagon concepts.

The Atenza Racer Sedan and Atenza Wagon Grand Touring feature a new aero kit, larger wheels and some upgraded chassis components. The second sedan is called the Atenza GT Sound Special, which also comes with a new body kit, a nicer interior and (as you might have guessed) an upgraded audio system. Also set to debut are two tuned concepts of the CX-5 crossover. The red model is equipped with the automaker's SkyActiv diesel engine but features a set of 20-inch wheels, more exterior aero bits and a sportier interior. The second CX-5 is called the Active Driver study, painted white, and includes a carbon fiber hood and some other performance add-ons.

In order to further emphasize the tuning and performance potential of these models, Mazda will also be displaying some of its motorsport models like the Le Mans LMP2 SkyActiv-D racer, which is set to follow in Audi's footsteps with advanced diesel technology - an area not typically championed by Japanese automakers, but with which Mazda hopes to carve out a niche for itself. The 2013 Tokyo Auto Salon opens its doors on January 11th.

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