Mazda RX-8 Blacknight Shines in from Singapore

A young student from Singapore tricked out the RX-8 of his dreams with a limited budget but plenty of talent.

Sadly, Mazda ended production of its rotary-powered RX-8 sports car not long ago but the car certainly gathered plenty of fans during its lifetime. First launched in 2003, the RX-8 had a front mid-engine setup, rear-wheel drive and ideal 50:50 weight distribution. Like previous Mazda RX sports cars, the RX-8 was a source of pride and joy for many owners, evidently including this one from Singapore and his fully customized, one-off creation.

As reported by Carscoop, the owner is a young student who had a strict budget to work with in order to create the car of his dreams. The finished product is called the Blacknight RX-8. Its new body moldings are constructed from carbon fiber and other lightweight materials. Exact power specs weren't given, but the owner claims that overall output has been enhanced, "tuned and refined... and it's ready to tear up the streets."

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