Mazda RX-8 is Actually an Insurance Bargain

And really, what's up with its strange-looking handbrake?

Mazda’s RX-8 is no more and it’s probably for the best. Because of its rotary engine, it drank a lot fuel and required special treatment. For a time Mazda was big into rotaries, but it’s since learned they’re not the best engine choice for a variety of reasons. Still, the RX-8 has its advantages: it has "four doors" and its engine was just 1.9-liters, two factors which led to lower car insurance rates.

But at the same time, that rotary engine was a difficult thing to live with on a daily basis. In fact, why get an RX-8 when there’s the MX-5, both of which are built on the same platform. And now the crew at Regular Car Reviews is back with another review filled with plenty of sexual innuendo talk and a guy with a somewhat creepy voice.

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