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Mazda RX-Vision Concept Still Has A Production Chance?

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Everyone, including Mazda, wants this to happen, so what's the hold-up?

Back in 2015 Mazda revealed its absolutely stunning RX-Vision concept at the Tokyo Motor Show and it soon may the rounds at more global events. Trust us, pictures alone don't do it justice. Mazda even told us a few years ago Jaguar designers admitted they were blown away by the concept's shapes and lines. Aside from the design, the concept's other significant focus was its name, RX, hinting at a rotary engine revival. While the latter will seemingly become a rotary-engined hybrid range extender that will launch in 2020, Autocar has learned the rest of the concept has a chance at making production.

Speaking with Mazda design boss Ikuo Maeda, the question of whether the RX-Vision could become a reality, Maeda answered: "I hope I can say yes – this is my dream." Furthermore, he confirmed he has completed a design for a sports car that is "kind of a production car." What does that mean, exactly? Maeda elaborated: "When it is decided as a brand that we need a sports car, that's when we will produce the car. As you know, we already have the MX-5. If we need a more premium sports car, then we need to have a serious think about it."

But what do the numbers guys have to say about this? Just because a designer wants a certain vehicle to happen doesn't mean it will because of numerous factors, mainly financial.

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Ichiro Hirose, Mazda's product planning chief, added the following: "I think as soon as our profit situation gets better, we will be able to proceed in that direction to make it a product."

The last time Mazda built a rotary-engined sports car was the RX-8, which ceased production back in 2008. But what if that aforementioned rotary range extender mated with a hybrid powertrain were to find its way into a production version of the RX? That would definitely be something most would be down for, including many Mazda rotary enthusiasts.