Mazda’s New Rotary Engine Is Almost Here


It's right around the corner.

Mazda shocked the world with the RX-Vision concept at the2015 Tokyo Motor Show. The concept had all of the right lines and lookedabsolutely stunning, but we were also interested in what would power thevehicle. We know that Mazda’s hard at work on creating a turbocharged rotaryengine, but recent rumors have revealed that the new power plant will come out in 2017. Next year willbe the 50th anniversary of Mazda’s rotary so it’s the perfect time to reveal the automaker’s new engine.

We already knew that the RX-9 will feature a turbocharger,but a source close to Mazda has provided some more insight into the rotaryengine. According to Australia’s Motoring, an unnamed source close to Mazda statedthat the automaker is testing a new hybrid turbo rotary engine—“16X”—that featuresa twin-800cc rotor set-up for approximately 450 hp. Power will more than likelygo to the rear wheels through a rumored dual-clutch configuration that will be integratedinto the rear axle for improved weight distribution. Apparently, Mazdaengineers are working on a two-stage turbo system that will have an “electricturbo assist” at low rpm and a standard exhaust-driven turbo at higher rpm.

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“Engineers will employ a capacitor [a unit that stores powerand discharges it on demand] to beef up the rotary’s ‘instability’ at low rpm,and when boost pressure rises, a standard turbocharger will engage to keep theflow of power coming,” stated the unnamed source. A two-stage turbo system wouldcure the rotary’s lack of mid-range torque and oil consumption.