Mazda's New Vision Concept Is A Gorgeous Preview Of What's Next


Two words: Absolutely stunning.

Mazda has unveiled its latest evolution of its highly regarded Kodo design language at this year’s Tokyo Motor Show. Called the Vision Coupe design concept, its exterior proudly shows off a minimalist Japanese aesthetic with what Mazda describes as a “one-motion” form that conveys a sense of speed. In short, it’s gorgeous. Yes, it has four doors, so it’s really a four-door coupe if you want to get specific. Question is, what does the Vision Coupe concept preview, if anything?

There are a few possibilities, one of which is the next generation 6 sedan or even a new rotary sports car that we know Mazda is quietly working on. The interior combines "three-dimensional depth with a strong longitudinal axis to produce a relaxed space while maintaining the feeling of motion" It’s an elegant design no doubt, and it also gives us a solid preview as to future interior styling decisions; expect more high-quality materials and an overall premium feel. As far as the concept’s name choice, Mazda claims it pays homage to legendary coupes like the R360, the automaker’s first passenger car, and the Luce Rotary, aka the R130.

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Mazda has a proven history of retaining as much of a concept’s styling as possible for eventual production models, so if this continues to be the case, then the Vision Coupe concept is a great sign of things to come.