Fifth-Gen Mazda MX-5 Miata Poised To Arrive In 2026

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Mazda execs recently shed some light on the next-generation Miata, possibly due in 2026.

The next-gen Miata has been slated for arrival in 2026, with an electrified powertrain firmly in the cards, albeit not fully decided upon at this stage. "The MX-5 is an icon in the Mazda product lineup and we have a lot of promise with our current MX-5 owners spread all over the world, so we will continue our MX-5 in the future," Mazda director and senior managing executive officer Yasuhiro Aoyama said to Australia's Which Car. That's good news, but some may not be happy to hear that the next-gen MX-5 Miata will arrive after new Euro 7 emissions standards hit.

Obviously, that means the Miata's fate depends on its emissions, which is why the next-gen Miata will almost certainly be electrified to some degree. Euro 7 takes effect in July 2025, so that at least gives us a release timeline for the new roadster.

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Additionally, Which Car states it was "tipped" the car could come in 2026. That gives Mazda just under two years or so to get things squared away before the next Miata hits the streets after Euro 7. However, Aoyama has also said that the Miata will stay as light as it can. That's been the case previously, but the Miata has grown with every generation, the only exception being the current ND which is smaller and lighter than its immediate NC predecessor.

Whatever regulatory changes Euro 7 holds, Aoyama is sure they will affect the little sports car. "So the contents of stage seven we are still investigating, but it will affect our MX-5 at the time," he said.

Chase Bierenkoven/CarBuzz Chase Bierenkoven/CarBuzz Chase Bierenkoven/CarBuzz

"It will, at the time, be some kind of electrification so we need to investigate the most appropriate strategy for the future MX-5 which will not betray our passionate fans' expectations," Aoyama continued.

Reportedly, Mazda also hinted at the Miata's looks, saying it would be influenced by the recently-revealed Vision Study (pictured above). As for that car, guesses vary from a new RX-7 to the styling mold for the Miata. Regardless, one thing is for sure: the next-generation Mazda Miata will be unlike any Miata we've seen to date.

Chase Bierenkoven/CarBuzz Chase Bierenkoven/CarBuzz Chase Bierenkoven/CarBuzz

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