Mazda Says The RX-Vision Will Only Be Sold With A Rotary

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Assuming it even comes to market.

The Mazda RX Vision Concept is an amazing slice of design and engineering that gave rotary fans a glimmer of hope. Everyone thought a car like that would undoubtedly be fitted with another rotary engine, reviving the RX-7 range, possibly being an RX-9. Sadly it looks like that's not the case, but the design architecture is set to inspire changes throughout the Mazda lineup. The RX Vision looks like a proper sports car that would be luxurious to boot, but according to Wards Auto that's about as good as it gets. Well, sort of.

After some research, it seems that, demographically, the average income of Mazda's buyers has risen and the manufacturer is attracting more college-educated consumers. As a result Mazda is driving ahead to be more premium - "Mazda premium" as it's been called. "We're not trying to go luxury, that's not in our cards" says Russel Wager, Vice President of Marketing at Mazda North American Operations while in Las Vegas. At the same time he also told the Q&A crowd that there is no intention to introduce a "premium, pricey model". While that may work for now it sounds a bit odd because those wanting that little bit extra will have to jump ship to other brands that do offer what they're after.

Even though the entire lineup has changed in the last three years, Mazda needs to get bums in seats to see how good they are now. Of course while someone in the know was in the hot seat, the subject of rotary engines had to come up. Wager says: "That concept car shows RX in the title. Every time we've used that in the past, it means rotary engine. I hope that's the case this time." Well, that is good to hear indeed. "That car wouldn't come to market unless it has a rotary engine," he explained. "That's what they are working on." This makes sense seeing as the RX-8 was so well-received by fans and it's 1.3-liter Wankel rotary engine took top honors in the 2005 Ward's 10 Best Engines competition.

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