Mazda Teases the MX-5 Spyder and Mazda2 Turbo in the Build up to SEMA

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SEMA models are coming fast and furious right before the show in Vegas kicks off next week.

Mazda has unveiled two new models right before they make their debut at the SEMA Show next week. The first model they released is their green and white Mazda2 Turbo, the second being the gray and red MX-5 Spyder. The Mazda2 Turbo is the sportier version of the Japanese company's hatchback. The hotter hatch will feature more power than the standard's 100hp, however no details have been released yet as they are making us wait until its debut on Tuesday.

In addition to the engine modifications, the Mazda2 Turbo also features a lower profile, new wheels and a body kit. The Mazda MX-5 Spyder will come even lighter than the standard's 2,500lbs, pretty nice for the soft-top version of the roadster variant. As with the Mazda2 Turbo not many details are given out of the MX-5 Spyder. New wheels and brakes are noticeable from the teaser photo, however we will have to wait until SEMA kicks off on November 1st to find out all the details of the drop-top lightweight car.

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