Mazda: The Greatest Cars Not Enough People Buy

Despite having fantastic models, Mazda's sales still aren't what they need to be.

Eever since Ford sold off its stake in the brand, things haven’t been easy at Mazda. While Ford has financially recovered, Mazda hasn't. You see, the Japanese automaker is the only mainstream brand that doesn’t have hybrids. Mazda has a technology all of its own called SkyActiv. You’ve probably heard of it by now. Mazda’s logic is that there’s a century's worth of development on the internal combustion and diesel engines, so why completely abandon them?

Mazda wants to keep evolving them, and the fruit of its labor is just beginning to show. Examples include, well, its entire current lineup. Just look at the Mazda3, 6 and CX-5. They all look fantastic, have downright bargain prices and drive in a way that enthusiasts want. Some even call Mazda the Alfa Romeo of Asia. Speaking of which, the next-gen MX-5 will also spawn a twin of its own: a new Alfa Spyder. So is Mazda the complete package consisting of solid build quality and reliability, styling, and more than enough "Zoom-Zoom" for anyone who loves to drive? Absolutely. The only part of that equation still missing is through-the-roof sales. Let’s hope 2014 and beyond will be blissful sales years for the best Japanese brand on the market.

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