Mazda To Reveal Plans For CX-70, CX-90 And Future SUV Models

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They include more premium SUVs and a rotary engine.

Mazda builds some stupendous vehicles, but they aren't nearly as popular as they should be in terms of sales volume. The company had a hit with the CX-5, but has struggled to reach the same heights with the CX-30 and CX-50. Murmurs about Mazda's short-term plans have grown louder in recent months, and according to Automotive News, the Japanese automaker is finally ready to reveal what it has in store.

Mazda will reportedly announce a new mid-term "brand purpose" in November that will lay out its strategy through 2030. This plan was supposed to debut last spring but uncertainty in the market forced Mazda to push it back.

"It took a long time because there has been so much change," said a Mazda executive. "We tried to absorb and take into account all the changes for a clear roadmap."

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The plan includes two new SUV models for the US market that bring the brand more upmarket: the Mazda CX-70 and the Mazda CX-90. Both will ride on a new rear-wheel-drive architecture that is already offered in Europe and both will be powered by a new mild-hybrid inline-six engine. This will be the first six-cylinder engine in the Mazda lineup since the 2015 CX-9. While the US gets the CX-70 and CX-90, other markets like Europe and Japan receive the CX-60 and CX-80, which will have diesel and plug-in hybrid options.

Speaking of which, the plug-in hybrid version of the Mazda MX-30 is still reportedly coming to the US. Rather than use a parallel hybrid system, the MX-30 will get a rotary engine under the hood to act as a range extender in a series hybrid setup. Such a setup is rare in the US, but was popularized by the Chevrolet Volt.

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As these new models roll out over the next few years, Mazda will focus on rebounding from its decreased production. Mazda's US sales are down 21% through September, but the company is already starting to bounce back with a 43% production increase in September and a 63% increase in North American exports. The company's new midterm plan, which will be revealed later this month, will focus on internal combustion with plenty of hesitancy surrounding EV adoption. Mazda plans to have 25% of its global sales come from EVs by 2030, which is a lower estimate than many rivals.

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