Mazda Wants A Standalone Rotary Model Alongside The Range-Extender

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A production version of the RX-Vision, perhaps?

It was recently confirmed that Mazda will bring back its signature rotary engine, although it'll be utilized as a range-extender for the automaker's first EV, due in 2019. However, according to Autocar Mazda also wants a standalone rotary-engined model that'll sell alongside the range-extender. Speaking with Mazda's global powertrain chief Mitsuo Hitomi at Tokyo, Autocar has learned that "Even if there isn't a plan to have it (the rotary) in an actual product, of course we are developing a rotary engine alone," Hitomi said.

He further hinted that the separate rotary-engined model will make its debut not too long after the range-extender. Question now is what, exactly, will that standalone rotary-engined model be? A production version of the RX-Vision concept, perhaps? Hands down, that would be our first choice. Remember, the last time Mazda offered a straight up rotary-powered model was the RX-8 sports car, and before that the RX-7. Mazda's history with the rotary engine dates back to 1963 when it debuted its first rotary-powered concept car. The first production Mazda rotary appeared in 1967. The RX-8 ceased production in 2012.

The Motor Report, however, further reports that Mazda ran out of time to get an expected production version of the RX-Vision ready by its centenary in 2020. The delay was caused by the huge effort required to get the new SkyActivX engine and its compression ignition ready to go first. But fear not, a new rotary-engined sports car is still happening, we just don't when exactly.


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