Mazda Wants to Expand Lineup After Recent Successes

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And yes, an RX-8 replacement is very much a part of this plan.

There's no doubt that Mazda has been on a roll lately. With beautiful new models like the Mazda6 and 3, the Japanese automaker's latest styling language is just one part of the successful formula. Its SkyActiv gasoline and diesel engines are also nothing short of brilliant. So with all of that in mind, Mazda knows that in order to stay relevant in this industry, it's vital to expand its recent good fortunes. A new report claims that in addition to the upcoming next-generation MX-5, Mazda is looking to add four all-new models by 2016.

Mazda's European boss just stated at Frankfurt that "the new cars come in between now and 2016, and all will be built using Mazda's lightweight, efficient SkyActiv principles." So what exactly are those new models going to be, and will they even be offered in the US? Nothing has been confirmed at this point, but the long-rumored Mazda2 supermini is due next year. It'll be powered by small 1.3 and 1.5-liter engines, but unlikely to go on sale in the US, at least not at first. Also up for a redesign is the Mazda5, which may become a seven-seat crossover to help to fill the small gap left by the now discontinued CX-7.

And like Kia, Mazda is looking to build a Nissan Juke Rival. Last but not least, this Mazda official also confirmed the old rotary engine isn't dead. A new version of it is now being tested with "SkyActiv principles," and if there'll ever be an RX-8 replacement, this could be the engine that'll power it. So in other words, a new RX-8 (RX-9?) could be in showrooms in 2016.

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