Mazda Wants To Restore Your First Generation Miata


Proof you don't need to be a supercar company to have an in-house resto shop.

Although it may sound hard to believe, but the first Mazda MX-5 Miatas are nearly 30 years old, and so Mazda figures some owners wouldn’t mind having their roadsters restored to their original condition. Assuming you’ve got the budget for it, Mazda will now do the job for you, but you also have to live in Japan. There’s always a catch. First revealed by Japanese Nostalgic Car, Mazda has announced (on its Japanese language website) that it’ll begin accepting owner applications in order for their beloved NA Miatas to receive some love and attention.

Mazda will do the restoration at an outsourced facility that’s been certified for its excellent and proven restoration work. Upon completion, owners will receive their cars back nearly good as new. Mazda has also announced that, beginning next year, it’ll begin selling new versions of old NA Miata parts. Examples include Bridgestone tires, NARDI-made wooden steering wheels and shift knobs, as well as replacement soft tops. If there’s enough demand then Mazda is open to offering additional parts in the future. Same goes for the restoration program itself. If Mazda sees enough demand in its home market, then it’ll consider expanding it to other countries.

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No pricing has been announced for either the parts or the restoration work, but we’re fairly confident it’ll cost a lot less than a supercar restoration. In the meantime, NA Miata owners outside of Japan are still exposed to a huge market of available parts, service, and know-how. It may not come from Hiroshima, Japan directly, but the Miata community is massive and there are plenty of people who know a thing or two about fixing up these timeless roadsters.