Mazda Teases Rotary MX-30 For American Launch

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A cryptic new video has just been released starring Hiroyuki Sanada.

Mazda has just released a minute-long video teasing "the unboxing of the next extraordinary moment in [its] history" with the big announcement set to begin this coming Thursday, January 12.

Unfortunately, the short video, which stars acclaimed Japanese actor and martial artist Hiroyuki Sanada, does not provide any additional details. The video begins with Sanada walking through a large warehouse where several legendary Mazda road and race cars are parked. We managed to spot a first-generation Miata, a 626, several JDM models, and the 787B endurance racer.

The actor says "This is Mazda's past" before proceeding into a separate room where we see an unusually-shaped, multi-box setup, hence the unboxing reference.

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"From these boxes, we're going to build Mazda's future," Sanada says before the video concludes. What could be announced on Thursday?

If we had to guess, it will be an electrification plan and/or a new concept. Only yesterday Mazda released a teaser image for the rotary-engined MX-30 that will be shown this week at the Brussels Motor Show. There's a good chance this video is part of that campaign.

Currently, the Japanese automaker's only fully electric vehicle sold in the US is the all-electric MX-30. Despite its cool-looking suicide doors and overall design inside and out, it only has an EPA-estimated 100-mile range on a single charge. To compare, the all-new Hyundai Ioniq 5 base model has a 220-mile range.

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The MX-30's new rotary engine will serve as an electric generator and will be much smaller in displacement compared to the 13B rotary found in icons like the RX7 and RX-8. Mazda desperately needs to expand its EV-only model lineup fast, especially since the MX-30 sold only 324 examples last year in the US. The carmaker trademarked several rotary-themed logos in 2021, one of which was used for the MX-30 rotary teaser.

We're unsure whether the others will ever be utilized, but it's clear Mazda intends to use its new rotary tech to help with its overall electrification plans.

Expect full details to be announced this Thursday.

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