Mazda Working On New Crossover For USA


A new SUV will be revealed at Geneva, but Mazda has another model planned too.

Mazda currently sells three crossovers in the US, the subcompact CX-3, compact CX-5, and mid-size CX-9. Altogether, the trio accounted for half of the Japanese automaker's US sales in 2018, an increase by 15.8 percent from the year prior. Given Mazda's small size compared to other mainstream brands, it's clear crossovers are its future.

We already know a new crossover will be revealed next month at Geneva, but Automotive News, quoting Mazda North America CEO Masahiro Moro at the Chicago Auto Show, has learned there's a second new crossover in the pipeline. All Moro would say on the subject was that it's "a new crossover SUV which is exclusively designed for the North American market."

Mazda North American Operations

It will not be the one we'll see in a few weeks but he did confirm the two vehicles will share some architecture. He did not say when it will go on sale. Both the Geneva show crossover and the mystery one will be built at Mazda's new Alabama plant beginning in mid-2021, alongside the Toyota Corolla. Mazda is still finalizing the concept design for the second crossover, and chances are we'll see that premiere next November at the LA Auto Show. Given there are two new crossovers on the way, does this mean one of the current models, such as the CX-5, will get the ax? Nope.

In fact, a diesel-powered CX-5 variant is due to arrive in the near future, though Moro declined to give a specific date. Mazda is working with the EPA right now to obtain certification. "I hope diesel loyal customers are looking forward to it," he said.


We suspect that at least one of these new crossovers will be a reborn CX-7, which was discontinued in 2012. Given that Mazda has the subcompact segment already covered, the second crossover could potentially be a more fashionable coupe version of whatever the first model turns out to be. Think of the relationship between the BMW X3 and X4, for example. But this is pure speculation on our part and we'll hopefully have a clearer idea what's going on next month.


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