Mazda2 Takes on the Demon Dome’s Wall of Death

This is the real deal – a Mazda2 going vertical on the Wall of Death.

The Mazda2 defies gravity and can drive on walls. Seriously. In what at first appeared to be an April Fools prank, Mazda specially prepared a Mazda2 for a run on the Demon Dome's Wall of Death. The end result? See for yourself.

In total, the Mazda2 hit a top speed of 30mph and made a total of six laps on the Wall of Death. At its peak, the hatch pulled two and a half g's. It was no problem for the driver, however, is it was piloted by Dome owner 'Dynomite' Dave Seymour. The Demon Drome is based in Cornwall, UK. For full disclosure, the Mazda2 had its tire pressure raised, airbags removed, suspension tightened, was raised and had a kill switch installed.

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