Mazda3 Sedan Gets a Spot of Extreme Chinese Tuning

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A tuning car in perfect harmony with its surrounds with a mean looking exterior and surprisingly sweet interior.

Parked on an ice-cold street of Hebei Province, this modified Mazda 3 sedan adorned with gold wings, an F1-style front spoiler and mock-racing livery looks ready to rumble and cut through the dirty snow. At the back we have the obligatory over-sized wing and partially blacked out lights (race cars don't need lights), which fails to stir any emotion in the elderly passerby; but it's on the inside where things get interesting.

To balance the yang of the Mazda's exterior, a distinctive yin interior features dainty plastic diamonds embellishing the air vents and air-con knobs, which also get pretty little pink plastic rings. A silver gecko has been affixed to the center console for good measure, or perhaps good luck.

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