Mazda6 Meets Takeri Concept

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Showcar reaches showroom in remarkable faithfulness to the design.

When an automaker unveils a new concept, it tends to be all flash: lines that could never be rendered in actual production sheet-metal, wheels that couldn't possibly handle real city streets, mirrors that would never actually meet government regulations... details that get lost out of necessity on the road from show car to showroom. Every once in a while, though, an automaker unveils a production model that looks startlingly and admirably similar to the concept car from which it drew its inspiration.

Surely that kind of comparison couldn't hold up when the two are placed side by side though, right? Most of the time, sure, but not in the case of the new Mazda6. A mass-market family sedan though it is, Mazda did a remarkable job of translating the Takeri concept into the production 6. And to highlight that similarity, that adherence to the KODO Soul of Motion design ethos, Mazda has released these two photos (which we've broken down into several for closer examination on little smartphone screens). And you know what? For all the minor differences between the two, we'd venture to argue that the production model actually looks even better than the concept. What do you think?

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