Mazda's Latest Tech Innovation Could Save Your Life

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This is the kind of thing we like to see.

Mazda has been seriously busy of late and has recently confirmed five new SUVs for 2022, as well as a new electric platform and some crazy-looking holographic controls. The Japanese auto giant is now working on something way cooler than buttonless dashboards: it is teaching its cars how to tell if you're dying. Mazda is currently working on a new technology that will be able to recognize when drivers are having a medical emergency and promises that this will be a game-changer and a lifesaver since the tech will be able to automatically alert medical services to your plight. Heart patients, you may want to buy a Mazda soon.


The company recently told the media that it has been working closely with major medical institutions, including Tsukuba University Hospital where it has been gathering data on what a healthy driver should look like behind the wheel as opposed to someone slumped over the steering wheel clearly in need of assistance. The idea is to quickly recognize once the driver is in a medical emergency and to bring the car to a safe stop while contacting emergency services. This whole process requires a ton of systems to work together, including the car's autonomous driving system. The new system, currently known as the "Co-Pilot Concept" will flash its hazard lights and sound the horn once it has come to a safe spot, effectively chasing away crackheads, and luring in good Samaritans. The car will also call emergency services on behalf of the driver.

2016-2021 Mazda MX-5 Miata Side View Driving Mazda
2016-2021 Mazda MX-5 Miata Rear View Driving Mazda
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People have traditionally been skeptical of tech that wants to take control of their lives, but we can't really see any drawbacks to the new system. The worst that could happen is you just die alone in your car, like so many before you. Similar systems are being developed by major players like Toyota and Volkswagen. Mazda plans to introduce the new technology in Japan, and eventually Europe, with America finally coming once the bugs have been ironed out. Mazda promises that the data collected by this system will remain in the car. Once it's out, we're going to see if a Mazda MX-5 can give you a heart attack from sheer joy.

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