McLaren 12C Spider by Ultimate Auto

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Tuning house gives the drop-top 12C some added stealth.

Orlando-based tuner Ultimate Auto has revealed its latest project based on the McLaren 12C Spider. A car as good as this needs little in the way of enhancements, which is why the tuner kept things to a minimum when creating an aftermarket program for the drop-top supercar. Coated in the marque's exquisite Volcano Red body paint, Ultimate Auto gave the 12C a 3M clear bra that protects the paint at speeds of up to 180 mph.

It then added an Escort 9500ci radar and laser defense system to enable the 12C Spider's owner to drive at speed without fear of losing his license. By incorporating patented GPS technology, the system, which is undetectable to radar detectors, automatically identifies the source and location of radar signals. Real threats are processed in under a second, while false signals are learned and eliminated. The system's laser receivers boast multiple sensors that can "shift" incoming laser signals. Ultimate Auto completed the package by adding smoked lights, Llumar ceramic window film, and carbon-fiber trim.

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