McLaren 12C Spits Exhaust Flames, Melts Bumper

Cheering crowd must have inhaled too many exhaust fumes.

We’re always keen to share some videos of awesome supercars revving themselves retarded until their manic exhaust systems start shooting out flames. But in this case, we think this Dutch owner may have beaten his McLaren 12C just a little too hard. At a supercar meet at the TT circuit in Assen, the Netherlands, the man puts on a show for the cheering crowd, and gets so caught up in it that he doesn't notice his Akropovik exhaust has melted away parts of his bumper.

The damage isn’t all that bad, but is still unsightly on such a beautiful car. Oblivious, the crowd just goes on cheering, probably high on exhaust fumes and melted bumper.

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