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McLaren 570GT Gets Sportier With Upgrade

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The McLaren 570GT gets a new Sport Pack amongst other upgrades.

Reacting to customers' and drivers' feedback, McLaren has introduced a new sharper variant of the 570GT, dubbing it it the 570GT Sport Pack. It combines the practicality and comfort of the 570GT coupe with the handling characteristics of the sharper 570S supercar. To achieve this, McLaren focused on suspension, steering, tires and ESC calibration, the key areas that address the handling of a car. McLaren earlier received criticism that the 570GT was too soft and too comfortable whereas the 570S received praise for its handling characteristics.

"With the new 570GT Sport Pack, we have reacted to market requests for a 570GT with the driving dynamics of a 570S Coupe. This optional handling package gives the same chassis setup as the coupe, while retaining the luxurious features, luggage space and the looks of the 570GT," McLaren Automotive Executive Director, Jolyon Nash said. The British carmaker has given the new variant stiffer springs, quicker steering, more stability control settings and new steering and damper software. Faster steering has allowed for quicker changes in direction. The Pirelli P Zero tires have been replaced by Pirelli PZero Corsa tires, which offers more grip.

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Springs are 15% stiffer at the front and 10% stiffer at the rear. The Sport Pack has the same handling components and configuration as the 570S Coupe and the 570S Spider. In addition, all 570GT models now come with carbon ceramic brakes as standard. McLaren says that the driving experience is the same as that of the 570S Coupe and Spider. Along with an upgrade to the handling, the McLaren 570GT also comes with a new electrochromic roof, where the opacity of the roof can be changed by passing an electric current and controlled through various settings. The car also comes with five new Design Edition Packs giving more exterior and interior options for a lower price.

The 570 range consists of the 570S Coupe, the 570GT, and the new 570S Spider. Currently, 80% of McLaren 570 customers choose the 570GT, which has now become even more appealing with the Sport Pack. McLaren estimates that 60% of 570GT customers will go for the new Sport Pack. The 570GT Sport Pack is available to order now and costs $5,950 more than the standard 570GT, which retails at $202,950.