McLaren 570GT, Porsche Panamera, Aston Martin DB11 Battle For GT Throne

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If McLaren or Porsche have gotten the recipe right, we may have a new standard formula for a grand tourer.

It may take a village to raise a child, but out of millions of fully grown children in any given metropolis, it's only a select few that grow up to be able to both appreciate and afford a grand touring legend. With the world population estimated to have reached 7.5 billion in April of 2017, it's safe to imagine that there's quite a few children that have grown up and attained a status where they can afford a grand tourer, and automakers are more than happy to supply.

Ask a disagreeable lot of enthusiasts what the granddaddy of all grand tourers is and most would point to something bearing an Aston Martin badge. The British automaker has recently supplied the DB11 to continue the legacy of the DB9, but the world has changed and Aston Martin's midrange GT car now faces competition from automakers that are new to the segment.

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With hopes of double dipping the 570S platform and make more money with minimal investment, McLaren decided to scale back on performance ever so slightly and add comfort and convenience features to its carbon fiber-laden sports car, the result being the rear hatch 570GT. And then of course, there's the Porsche Panamera, which needs no introduction. DriveTribe decided to take the trio to the British countryside, essentially the grand tourer's home, to see which car best nails down the act. Inherently there are major differences between each car, with the most apparent being the placement of the engine. Watch and judge which car is best for yourself.

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