McLaren 570LT Strip Tease Continues With These Top-Exit Exhausts


Will it even be called the 570LT? We'll find out soon.

There’s definitely a pattern here. Exactly one week ago, McLaren released the first teaser image of its hardcore Sports Series, tipped to be called the 570LT. Or, perhaps, the 570 GTR? Today comes the second teaser only two weeks before the online debut, scheduled for June 28. The live debut will happen at the Goodwood Festival of Speed beginning on July 12. Now, back to the latest image. What it shows is something very unique: a pair of top-exit exhausts.

McLaren tells us the new car will be more powerful and lighter than the current 570S, and will have improved aerodynamics and “enhanced driver engagement” along with “track-focused dynamics.”

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Although a specific build number was not given, McLaren hinted production will be rather limited. While the 570S has a total of 562 hp thanks to its twin-turbo V8, rumor has it this track-focused variant will offer more than 600 hp. And McLaren calls its Sports Series its “entry-level” models? Badass. We’ll be on hand at Goodwood for the live reveal so plenty of more juicy details to come.