McLaren 570S Reduced To Mangled Wreck In London Crash


Join us in mourning the death of this McLaren 570S.

Another day, another exotic supercar has been reduced to scrap metal. Not long after a McLaren P1 took a battering in a transport truck en route to its new owner, the latest casualty is a brand new McLaren 570S which was involved in a smash-up in London. The accident reportedly occurred in central London, but the circumstances and condition of the occupants is unknown. The car appears to have collided with a concrete block. What is clear is that this supercar is sadly beyond repair as the McLaren has been reduced to a mangled wreck.

A passer-by spotted the wrecked supercar barricaded by police at the side of the road and decided to film the aftermath of the accident. The McLaren Sport Series suffered serious damage during the crash, which is distressing to see in the video. Its front end is dismembered beyond recognition, with the rear bumper protruding out of the front storage area.

The back-end is also buckled, the passenger-side door is heavily damaged, and it's missing its rear left wheel and suspension. Thankfully, the carbon fiber passenger cell did its job and remained intact during the impact, so it's likely that any occupants would have walked away without serious injuries. You can also see the air bag hanging out of the driver's side door. Unconfirmed reports suggest that the car hit a pedestrian during the crash and that the driver fled the scene of the accident. Local Police haven't released any details about the accident, so we can only presume that they are still trying to track down the driver.

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