McLaren 570S Spider Design Editions Show Droptop Supercar At Its Best


Five Design Editions designed by the car's designers. Which do you like best?

Do you feel like McLaren was getting a bit stale without enough special editions and customization options? I mean, it has only issued about a gazillion bespoke models and limited runs this past year, so clearly the brand needed to add something to liven things up. Seriously though, it seems McLaren is announcing another special edition every time I log on. This time it’s the 570S Spider being dressed up by the folks who designed the car itself.

I’m sure McLaren loves its customers (and their money) and thinks they have perfect taste, but for those lacking inspiration and looking for ideas on how to mix their palette, the design team has stepped in with some "harmonious" themes for the 570S Spider. McLaren Automotive Design Director Rob Melville pulled a few of his designers aside and had them create five unique color and material combinations from the endless array of options available to shoppers customizing their McLarens. “There is a virtually limitless number of different personalization opportunities for the McLaren 570S Spider and who better to begin the process than the people who designed it?” commented Melville.

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“We have selected key exterior and interior colors and finishes that we believe showcase the 570S Spider in the most desirable way and are offering them as Design Editions that we as designers would choose.” Here is a short video detailing the design process:

Oh, that was for a different project? Still, that designer is one well-dressed minifig, so I'm sure he could design a fine special edition. Each of the five Design Editions revolves around one of the 570S Spider’s signature paint schemes: Silica White, Storm Grey, Vermillion Red, Onyx Black or Vega Blue. They're then matched with ideal interior trim and complementary wheel, brake caliper, and retractable hard top colors. The Onyx Back Design Edition receives a body color hard top, 10-spoke alloy wheels in dark gray, and McLaren Orange brake calipers. The interior continues the black/orange theme with Carbon Black Alcantara wrapping just about everything, contrasted by McLaren Orange nappa leather and stitching.

This Onyx Black example is one of the four sporting combinations, and there is one with a more luxury focus. Not only is it a tailored look for this specific model, but it is also a bargain, costing about $11,500 to $15,000. That packages all the options for less than they would cost if ordered a la carte, but still allows even further personalization should a customer so choose. You can check out the other four at the McLaren site.