McLaren 650S First Official Pics

Blends P1 and 12C design elements for a banging enhanced supercar.

The new McLaren 650S, announced last week with just one teaserimage, has just been complemented with a full range of leaked pictures from thecompany. The car was developed in collaboration with Formula One championJenson Button, and will reportedly sport a 641 horsepower twin-turbo 3.8-liter V8. Thisgives it 25 more horsepower than the standard 12C, in addition to its improvedtransmission, brakes, tires, suspension and aerodynamics.

McLaren is still undecided about whether the 650S willreplace the 12C, or be marketed alongside it. What is clear is that it isdirectly aimed to combat the Ferrari 458 Speciale, though even the 12C is morepowerful than that model. With a radical front fascia design featuring new headlights and air intakes inspired by the P1, the 650S seems ready to knockthe 12C into McLaren history, with few buyers expected to opt for the oldfamiliar while this new beauty is shining just across the showroom. Expect moredetails on the new model’s spec and pricing to be uncovered shortly.

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