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McLaren 650S Spider Wrecked Just Four Hours After Being Rented

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The driver's excuse? The car's summer tires were to blame.

Very few of us can afford to buy a high-performance supercar. For some people, the only way they'll get to experience the thrill of driving one on the public road is by renting one. Unfortunately, an inexperienced driver getting behind the wheel of a powerful supercar and driving it like they stole it is a recipe for disaster. With a 3.8-liter twin-turbo V8 engine sending 641 horsepower to the rear wheels, the McLaren 650S Spider can be a handful to tame – let alone in wet conditions. This guy from Seattle found out the hard way.

According to Komo News, the 650S had only been rented for four hours before the driver lost control and crashed while driving through an underpass under the Washington State Convention Center. In a Tweet showing a photo of the smashed-up supercar, Trooper Rick Johnson said the driver was simply driving too fast for the wet conditions. Now there's a surprise. According to the State Patrol, the driver was going so fast that the $265,000 supercar bounced off both sides of the tunnel in the impact before coming to a halt. It's not known if the driver was injured in the accident, but damage to the 650S looks extensive and won't be cheap to repair.

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The accident was severe enough to set off all the air bags, the front-end looks badly damaged with a broken bumper and bent hood, and the rear quarter has also been destroyed. We wouldn't be surprised if there is mechanical damage to the brakes and suspension either. But what did the driver have to say about the cause of the accident? Obviously, they were never going to admit they were driving too fast for the conditions. Instead, they told the officer the car's summer tires were to blame. We have a far simpler explanation: this was another classic case of a dim-witted driver with far too much horsepower to play with lacking the skill or experience to handle it at the limit.