McLaren 650S Successor Will Have Its Engine Upsized And Make Over 700-HP

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Thank heavens that McLaren is breaking the trend.

Given its ambitious plans to roll out 12 new models by 2022, McLaren is currently in the middle of a rampage. In the short time since the company decided to pull itself up to the ranks of Ferrari, which was right around the time the 12C was unveiled, it has proven its worthiness with cars like the P1, 650S, and the 570S. In order to keep its distance from the competition, made up of some of the fiercest fighters in the auto industry, McLaren has been working on a successor to the 650S, which, according to Auto Gespot, will be named the 720S.

We had heard a lot about the car before including the fact that it would be a hybrid vehicle that piggybacks technology off of McLaren's supreme leader, the P1. Then, a spy image hit the Internet depicting a low-slung car with a carbon-colored body and a look that appeared more evolved than the 650S. As Auto Gespot has found, that will be called the 720S, with the number denoting the car's horsepower output. McLarens usually have a bit of discrepancy between their horsepower ratings and model names. Both the 650S and 675LT have less power than their numbers indicate, 641 horsepower and 666 horsepower respectively. Despite this tradition, we still think it's possible to expect an output of at least 700 horsepower on this McLaren.

That's because it will receive a new 4.0-liter twin-turbo V8 (hooray for being one of the few automakers to upsize, McLaren!) that will come ready for hybridization. Luckily for purists, the first renditions of the 720S will driven by pure gasoline while hybrid versions will be debuted in subsequent 720S variants. Another cool detail that came to light is in regards to the dashboard. When the driver puts the 720S into Track mode, the dashboard will lower away to lessen the amount of distractions and help the driver see better. Potential clients will be able to test drive the 720S as early as January 2017, meaning a reveal could happen around the 2017 Geneva auto show. Test mule images by Auto Wereld.

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