McLaren 650S Will Cost a Hefty Chunk of Change


As expected, it'll be pricier than the 12C, but a far cry from the P1.

Set to have its official live debut at the Geneva Motor Show next week, the McLaren 650S may, at first, look more like a refreshed 12C. However, the UK supercar builder is saying that both models will be sold alongside one another, although it's hard to believe prospective buyers will still be interested in the 12C. With 640 horsepower on tap, the 650S is more powerful than the 12C (616 hp) and faster as well. And, of course, it’ll be more expensive.

According to a newly leaked document, European pricing is set to start at 232,500 Euros. If you do the exchange rate conversion, that brings US pricing to $318,000. Now, chances are the official US cost will be lower than that because the European sticker price includes that pesky Value Added Tax. This document also tells us that there’ll be a variety of (expensive) options. For 10,020 Euros, buyers can tack on a carbon fiber package that includes a rear bumper, door blades, and a front splitter all made from that lightweight weave. Interior add-ons include carbon fiber racing seats for 6,080 Euros.

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What comes standard is a choice between a full leather cabin, a leather sport cabin, or Alcantara and leather. An Alcantara-covered steering wheel even costs an extra 540 Euros. But hey, an ash tray is optional at no extra cost. So there's that. We’ll have more details and photos on the McLaren 650S next week from Geneva.