McLaren 675LT Tries To Attack A 720S On The German Autobahn

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It's less effective than using water, but fighting fire with fire is more fun.

It was a lonely runway full of lustworthy twin-turbo beasts where one question stood out above the rest. Namely, what the heck was Ferrari thinking? It spent so much time perfecting the 488 GTB so it outclassed the 458 Speciale by a decent enough margin to label its efforts as progress that it failed to ensure it could beat McLaren's equivalent, the 675LT. Either that or the McLaren really has beat Ferrari at its own game, at least when it comes to straight line performance.

But how does the 675LT compare to the new king of the McLaren pack, the 720S? Usually it takes a race track, two cars, and two test drivers to find that out, but in this case the track is exchanged for the German Autobahn where the speeds are higher (no pesky corners) and the stakes are much, much higher.

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In order to spare the cameras from recording scenes of carnage and preserve the two six-figure supercars, the drivers spend ample amounts of time waiting for a clear runway. When the conditions are finally right, the they mash the throttle, sending both cars on a mission to head butt the horizon. Aside from exterior looks, the only difference between the two is that one car is going faster than the other. Even though there's a clear winner here in terms of straight line performance, both drivers seem to be reaping the rewards that come from freeing two powerful animals and letting them roam free: floods of adrenaline and a scenery that blurs as it passes by.

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