McLaren 720S Crowned As Road And Track's Performance Car Of The Year

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With a list price approaching $375,000, it certainly proves that it takes money to be the best.

Maybe it's because of McLaren's status as the runner-up to Ferrari that it feels the need to fight so hard in the supercar segment, but whatever its motivation, the results indicate that the young automaker's drive is paying off. Not only is its latest supercar a monster in the corners, but it's otherworldly use of limited grip and sophisticated traction control has proven sufficient enough to beat almost anything it confronts in the quarter mile. That could have something to do with the 720S' horsepower output.

Its power rating alone appears to be much higher than the 710 ponies that McLaren claims it to be, but whether its the wallop of power or the accomplished feats of engineering that make the car, the resulting machine has just won Road and Track's highest accolade. Based on the 720S' "integration of usability and capability," it has garnered the designation as Road and Track's 2018 Performance Car of the Year. The devil, as always, is in the detail. Guiding the supercar to its award were the small touches like a driving position that enables drivers to feel as they have immediate command of the vehicle at high speeds. This mind-bending blend of performance and accessibility is best outlined by Road & Track's editors.

Their concluding statement read, "The McLaren 720S is the friendliest, least intimidating supercar I've ever experienced… it's more than what's new in supercars; it is also what's best, what's fastest, what's most capable. As such, the 720S was the easy winner of our vote." In all fairness to Ferrari, there were no Prancing Horse entrants in this competition. Nonetheless, the 720S had to beat out cars like the Lamborghini Huracan Performante, Mercedes-AMG GT R, and Porsche 911 GT3 to win its crown. With an a tested price of $378,215 (base price is $288,845), the 720S is the most expensive supercar of the lot proving, if a anything, that money really does do the talking in this segment. Better get rich.


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