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McLaren 720S GT3 Race Car Will Dominate Race Tracks In 2019

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And normal people can just go out and buy one.

When you have an incredibly fast, technologically advanced supercar like the McLaren 720S, it takes a rocket scientist to be able to understand it fully. The road-going version is already incredible, so it's hard to imagine how fast a stripped out racing version would be.

We've known for a while know that McLaren was working on a GT3 version of the 720S as part of its Track25 Program to build 18 new models and derivatives, but we have yet to see the car in full. While the car isn't finished just yet, McLaren wanted to give an early look at what it has been working on.

McLaren says the new 720S GT3 is on track for a 2019 debut, where it will be available for both professional and amateur drivers. The car is currently undergoing track testing in Europe and US for the McLaren Automotive customer racing division. "It was an incredibly exciting moment for us to see our new 720S GT3 begin the intensive track-based phase of a development program that we are confident will provide our customers with a first-class GT race car," said Mike Flewitt, McLaren Automotive CEO.

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Forming the foundation of the GT3 car is a carbon fiber MonoCage II chassis structure, which is lightweight yet extremely strong. Powering the car will be a race-prepped version of the M840T 4.0-liter twin-turbo V8, though power output has yet to be announced. Other changes from the standard 720S include carbon fiber and composite body panels, a bespoke splitter, floor assembly and dive-planes, and GT3-specification rear wing. A six-speed sequential paddle gearbox sends the power to the rear wheels, which are wrapped in special Pirelli racing tires. Expect the 720S GT3 to compete in major GT3 championships in 2019, starting at $564,000.