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McLaren 720S Track Pack Costs As Much As A New Mustang

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$28k brings the total price up to $332,770. Here's what that gets you.

If you're fortunate enough to own a supercar like the new McLaren 720S, you'll probably want to take it to the track to see what it can really do. And if you plan on doing that regularly, you'll want to spec the new Track Pack.

Designed to retune the British supercar for circuit duty, the Track Pack was announced just a few weeks ago. And now McLaren has revealed the price at a handsome $28,000. That'd be enough to buy a new Mustang, but comes on top of the base MSRP to bring the total purchase price of a 720S so equipped to $332,770.

The Track Pack starts with the 720S Performance model – with its carbon-fiber trim and engine-bay lighting – but sheds nearly 53 pounds off the curb weight thanks to the super-lightweight ten-spoke alloys and carbon-fiber racing buckets. It also gets an active rear spoiler in glossy-finish carbon fiber, a sports exhaust, an Alcantara-wrapped steering wheel, telemetry system, and a special Track setting for the electronics. All that adds up to a Super Series McLaren more focused than any since the 675LT, which we hope will get a successor soon based on the 720S.

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In the meantime, the 720S with the Track Pack stands as the most hardcore version. And while while $28k may seem like a lot to spend on an option package, it works out to less than 8.5 percent of the overall purchase price. And specifying the components separately would cost more.

Its introduction follows a similar package offered for the lower-end 570S – one in ten buyers of which, McLaren says, opt for the Track Pack. Considering how few opportunities there are left on the open road to explore a McLaren's true performance potential, we're a little surprised the ratio isn't higher.