McLaren 720S Vs. Dodge Demon Is The Ultimate Supercar-Muscle Car Shootout

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Which of these two incredible cars will win?

Ever since owners took delivery of the McLaren 720S, we have seen some epic drag races from the Woking warrior. Other supercars are no match for the 720S and even the mighty Tesla Model S P100D was unable to win in a drag race with the McLaren.

The Dodge Demon has earned a reputation as a supercar killer, especially following its bold performance claims from the manufacturer. Dodge says its 840 horsepower car can complete the quarter-mile in just 9.65 seconds, although achieving this time may be too difficult for most drivers.

In order to properly test the Demon's performance, DragTime decided to offer up his stock McLaren 720S as a competitor. The owner of the Demon, a YouTuber called Demonology, accepted the best-of-five challenge to see which of these two cars is fastest. It is worth noting that for the test, the Demon was running race gas and street-legal drag radials while the McLaren was running 93-octane pump gas and Toyo R888R tires.

The competition involved roll races, the 1/8 mile, and a quarter-mile, covering a wide spread of drag racing situations between these two cars. Even with all of these different race parameters, the results are very one-sided.

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DragTimes says his strategy was to not worry so much about the launch. He trusted in his McLaren's capabilities and wanted to let Demonology worry about obtaining the perfect launch. The Demon isn't as easy to launch as the 720S, so it false started during one of the races and had trouble triggering the light on the other.

Even with a practically perfect launch on the last race (seen at 19:12 in the video), the 720S was able to hunt down the Demon to win by 0.077 seconds. Not only is the McLaren easier to launch than the Demon, it's faster too.

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